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using the birt runtime with spring boot and gradle to generate PDF from a Report Design File

Warning: at the moment not recommended as solution. Personal Note (too complicated to keep in my brain / transient memory)
birt simply does not think in this way: push data into report vs pull datasource, osgi vs. maven, design time jars....

Step 1: use with gradle:

get dependencies from maven repo:
compile (group: 'org.eclipse.birt.runtime', name: 'org.eclipse.birt.runtime', version: '4.4.1') {
   exclude module: 'flute'   exclude module: 'org.eclipse.orbit.mongodb'}// also working 4.2.1a 
// not compiling:4.6.0-20160607// not running: 4.5.0a

Step 2: create POJO and a suitable BIRT DataSource for the Designer: really needs the open, next and close Methodsbuild as jar, needed as such in BIRT Designer
Step 3: use BIRT runtime in your Spring Boot Controller:

InputStream reportDesign = getClass(). getResourceAsStream("/static/exampleWithData.rptdesign");..…