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Debugging angular 4 Jasmin/Karma tests with Visual Studio Code

remember how to debug with visual studio code an angular cli generated jasmin test.

Change the config:
add to visual studio code launch.config


{ "type": "chrome", "request": "attach", "name": "Attach to karma test runner", "sourceMaps": true, "port": 9333, "webRoot": "${workspaceRoot}", "sourceMapPathOverrides": { "webpack:///*": "${workspaceRoot}/*" } },
add to karma conf.js


singleRun:false, browsers: ['ChromeDebugging'],

customLaunchers: { ChromeDebugging: { base:'Chrome', flags: ['--remote-debugging-port=9333'] } },
Start the debugging session:ng test

set some breakpoints in visual studio code

start "Attach to Karma Tests" in Visual Studio Code

refresh karma page in chrome

and now happy bugging...

git server @ home url ssh

Merken, relevant für die Commandline
git clone ssh://m***@diskstation/volume1/git_repos/totask3.git ./totask3

using the birt runtime with spring boot and gradle to generate PDF from a Report Design File

Warning: at the moment not recommended as solution. Personal Note (too complicated to keep in my brain / transient memory)
birt simply does not think in this way: push data into report vs pull datasource, osgi vs. maven, design time jars....

Step 1: use with gradle:

get dependencies from maven repo:
compile (group: 'org.eclipse.birt.runtime', name: 'org.eclipse.birt.runtime', version: '4.4.1') {
   exclude module: 'flute'   exclude module: 'org.eclipse.orbit.mongodb'}// also working 4.2.1a 
// not compiling:4.6.0-20160607// not running: 4.5.0a

Step 2: create POJO and a suitable BIRT DataSource for the Designer: really needs the open, next and close Methodsbuild as jar, needed as such in BIRT Designer
Step 3: use BIRT runtime in your Spring Boot Controller:

InputStream reportDesign = getClass(). getResourceAsStream("/static/exampleWithData.rptdesign");..…

new tools last week

- mariadb docker container
- liquibase, changsets im yaml format

- Visual Studio 17 rc mit core 1.1 (nur kurz)

new tools the last week

jbake (and hugo) ... static site generator with asciidocuse jbake when generating java project homepage (with gradle plugin)will use hugo if a redesign personal homepage happensspring boot rest doc ... rest api documenation with asciidocgood idea, not quite right implementedmy problem: I do not want to have field documentation into a unit test code compiled. I would want it to be placed either with attributes on actual rest code or in manual documentation, mixed into the generated staff.

personal asciidoc short help

icon:tags[]  tagging icon

= doc
== section

* list
** list level 2

NOTE: with icon text

kbd:[F11] keyboard shortcu

[[target]] anchor, used in xref <>

Visual Studio Code (anfangen key bindings deutsches layout zu nutzen)

- Strg+^                    Split Editor

"Adams Plugin"
- STRG+K + R                Proview Asciidoc (asciidoctor installed)

"Pintos Plugin"
- Shift + Strg + V          Preview (Asciidoc e.g.)
- Shift + K, V              Preview in new Editor side by side

- Strg+ö                    Terminal ein/ausblenden

- Strg+Alt+o                Open in default prg (open ext.)

zipkin mit spring-boot (Tracing Lösung)


- application.yml:

spring.jmx.default-domain=zipkinsrv  # avoids clash with multiple spring boot jmx beans) - @EnableZipkinServer annotation on Zipkin Application Class to start the actual server, avoids http://localhost:9411/api/v1/spans on sending app.