Debugging angular 4 Jasmin/Karma tests with Visual Studio Code

remember how to debug with visual studio code an angular cli generated jasmin test.

Change the config:

add to visual studio code launch.config


"type": "chrome",
"request": "attach",
"name": "Attach to karma test runner",
"sourceMaps": true,
"port": 9333,
"webRoot": "${workspaceRoot}",
"sourceMapPathOverrides": {
"webpack:///*": "${workspaceRoot}/*"

add to karma conf.js


singleRun: false,
browsers: ['ChromeDebugging'],

customLaunchers: {
ChromeDebugging: {
base: 'Chrome',
flags: ['--remote-debugging-port=9333']

Start the debugging session:

ng test

set some breakpoints in visual studio code

start "Attach to Karma Tests" in Visual Studio Code

refresh karma page in chrome

and now happy bugging...


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