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activate git trace on client (verbose output)

in current git bash export: me@DEV703 ~/temp $ export GIT_TRACE=1 $ export GIT_TRACE_PACKET=1 $ export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1

use waffle securityFilter with grails (single sign on against an windows active directory)

install grails grails create-app install grails templates " grails install-templates " download waffle from copy waffle jar files to \lib (guava, jna, platform, slf4j-api, waffle-nja) edit \src\templates\war\web.xml Now following controller code should work, showing a remote user as "domain\user": class HelloController {     def index() {         render "user is " + request.remoteUser + " - " + request.authType     } } tested on windows 7, 64bit, oracle jdk 1.7, grails 2.3.7 and waffle 1.5