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Abfrage AD Gruppen / User mit AdFind.exe

> AdFind.exe -default -f name= "ADONIS_APP-Leser" member -list output: CN=ADONIS_Nutzer,OU=Migrierte Gruppen,OU=Gruppen,OU=E***,DC=e****,DC=local

online coding with a cloud ide: koding

see git is already installed (as is java 7) get docker with $ kpm docker - install java8 $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer *very* smooth experience so far, want to recommend it after day one!

docker basics ongoing..

sudo docker images sudo docker ps -a sudo docker run -i -t osrf/ubuntu_32bit:utopic /bin/bash sudo ./gradlew buildDocker       .. using the plugin sudo docker push  (user)/(app):(version) sudo docker run (id)

remember: gradle compile error no such property "toolVersiol"

No such property: toolVersion for class: org.gradle.api.sonar.runner.SonarRunnerExtension_Decorated in my case: used version of gradle to old, use gradle 2.3 (here: gradlew wrapper, not gradle script).

remember: manage datadog agent on openshift

[]\>  $OPENSHIFT_DATADOG_DIR/bin/control restart []\>  $OPENSHIFT_DATADOG_DIR/bin/control info []\>  $OPENSHIFT_DATADOG_DIR/bin/control status datadog agent: /var/lib/openshift/551d9768fcf9332cf5000039/datadog config: datadog.conf