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new tools last week

- mariadb docker container - liquibase, changsets im yaml format - Visual Studio 17 rc mit core 1.1 (nur kurz)

new tools the last week

jbake (and hugo ) ... static site generator with asciidoc use jbake when generating java project homepage (with gradle plugin) will use hugo if a redesign personal homepage happens spring boot rest doc ... rest api documenation with asciidoc good idea, not quite right implemented my problem: I do not want to have field documentation into a unit test code compiled. I would want it to be placed either with attributes on actual rest code or in manual documentation, mixed into the generated staff.

personal asciidoc short help

icon:tags[]  tagging icon = doc == section * list ** list level 2 NOTE: with icon text kbd:[F11] keyboard shortcu [[target]] anchor, used in xref < >

Visual Studio Code (anfangen key bindings deutsches layout zu nutzen)

- Strg+^                    Split Editor "Adams Plugin" - STRG+K + R                Proview Asciidoc (asciidoctor installed) "Pintos Plugin" - Shift + Strg + V          Preview (Asciidoc e.g.) - Shift + K, V              Preview in new Editor side by side - Strg+ö                    Terminal ein/ausblenden - Strg+Alt+o                Open in default prg (open ext.)

zipkin mit spring-boot (Tracing Lösung)

- and: - application.yml: server.port=9411 spring.jmx.default-domain =zipkinsrv  # avoids clash with multiple spring boot jmx beans) - @EnableZipkinServer annotation on Zipkin Application Class to start the actual server, avoids http://localhost:9411/api/v1/spans on sending app.